It's true. We make earrings that actually work for sensitive ears.

No more itching, irritation, or pain. Seriously.

Heal Your Ear Piercings in Three Easy Steps

Start wearing earrings again by following these recommended guidelines:

1. Start With A Pair of Studs

Choose a pair of our non-allergenic titanium starter studs.

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2. Learn Proper Healing Procedures

Read through our Step-By-Step Guide to Healing Your Ear Piercings.

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3. Wear Your Studs 24/7

Keep the studs in for at least a few days so that any initial irritation or damage to the tissue around your piercings can heal.

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The Earrings of Your Dreams

These earrings don't irritate my ears at all. Sometimes I have to touch my ear to make sure they are still in as I can't feel them at all. No pain!


I’m so thrilled I can finally wear earrings again! It took a couple of days to get used to them but I’ve been able to wear them for two weeks straight now with no issues.

Amanda R

Life changing! I am truly thankful for these earrings. I absolutely love wearing earrings but I haven't been able to wear earrings for more them a few minutes without my ears swelling up. These earrings have changed all that.