This year has felt like several lifetimes and a few minutes all at once, and it's finally over. We're all happy to say good riddance to 2020, and in a final act of self-care, I would suggest we all do it in style. Here are five New Year's Eve outfit ideas to make you feel like a queen who just conquered the worst year ever.

1. Boho Look

Source: Pinterest
This starry romper look is perfect if you're lucky enough to be living in a warm region. Although likely we're all going to be inside anyway, so even if you live in Alaska you could rock this. It's got the free-spirited vibe of a true bohemian fashionista while still maintaining a wintry/New Years element. Go full send with the celestial aspect by adding Sunburst Charms to your favorite hypoallergenic earrings.

2. Something Sparkly

Source: Pretty Little Thing
If there's one day of the year to deck yourself out in sparkles, New Year's Eve is that day. Sparkles feel like an indulgence whenever I wear them; they're very eye-catching and will likely make you the center of attention. So if that's something you're into, definitely consider this sultry disco-ball look. No sense being reserved with your jewelry, wear some titanium statement earrings too!

3. Classic Black

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I believe that an all-black look is a great choice for any occasion (and if I'm being really honest, I think it's the best choice for every occasion!). Don't worry about those "where's the funeral?" comments, you can just say you're laying 2020 to rest. A little black dress is also a good back-up plan if you forgot to account for a NYE outfit and decide to dress up last minute.

4. Funky 

Source: Pinterest
Hey, we all tried something new this year. Some of us baked bread, some of us learned Tik Tok dances, and some of us tie-dyed every article of clothing we owned. In that same vein, you might be considering taking your personal style in a new direction. There are no hard and fast rules for fashion, so a funky, colorful jumpsuit or dress might be the perfect outfit to make you feel like a rockstar. Pair with simple hypoallergenic earrings to keep this look chic.

5. Androgynous

Source: She's a Gent
Did you know that it doesn't matter what section you buy your clothes in? That your outfit isn't a "boys" outfit or a "girls" outfit, it's just YOUR outfit? Exciting, I know. The beauty of androgynous fashion is that it opens up a world of stylish possibilities, like this gorgeous red suit outfit. To me this look is the best of masculine and feminine styles, clean, graceful, elegant, and sharp. And who wouldn't want to be described that way?
Whatever you decide to wear this New Years, we at Tini Lux hope you have a safe and happy time celebrating. We look forward to seeing your outfits and especially your hypoallergenic earrings that you pair with them! Happy New Year!
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