I have a small set of drawers dedicated to loungewear, that normally doesn't get much use. I have a couple go-to pairs of sweats that I rotate through on Sundays, and the rest of the t-shirts, sweaters, leggings, and pajama pants are left to, proverbially, collect dust.  The last couple weeks though, those clothes are finally seeing the light of day (through the window).
I found that some of my lounge wear is extremely comfortable, and other items have a weird fit or itchy fabric.  These uncomfortable items will be discarded or repurposed, which leaves a lot of space in my work from home wardrobe.  Since my outfits for the foreseeable future are going to consist solely of loungewear, I am now on the hunt for some new items to get my through this quarantine. 
If anyone else is looking to upgrade their self-isolation wardrobe, I put together some of my favorite lounge wear items and a list of the lounge wear I'm currently shopping:


Anthropologie does not disappoint in the trendy lounge wear department. This pleated sweatshirt is perfection.  


The Align Joggers from Lululemon might be my favorite pants of all time. The fabric is so soft and comfortable, and they also look much nicer than sweats.

ALO Yoga

ALO Yoga is known for their trendy, comfortable yoga clothes but you may not know that they also offer virtual yoga classes!

Girlfriend Collective

I haven't purchased anything from Girlfriend Collective yet, but I love that their items are made from recycled plastic. Sustainable & cute? Can't go wrong.

Lou & Grey

If you still have to look professional on Zoom, Lou & Grey's sweaters are always comfy and business casual appropriate.


Aerie's clothes lean more towards pajamas, so their great if you like to break up the day by changing out of your day time sweats and into your evening sweats.


I have a couple pairs of H&M joggers and they are super comfortable. Shop their Conscious collection to feel even better about your purchase. 

Bonus: Slippers

No work from home wardrobe is complete with some fuzzy slippers. I'm partial to the L.L. Bean slippers, but any of these will do:

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