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I can FINALLY wear earrings!

I started with the really narrow hoops and love them for every day, but these chunkier hoops are my new favorite. Most importantly, I can wear them all day and into the night with no itching or irritation. Highly recommend for metal sensitive skin.

These are my every day earrings.

These are so comfortable in my extremely sensitive ears. I’m so grateful to Tini Lux for making beautiful earrings that I can wear. I have these and the large hex and I love both of them.

Would recommend

The diamond shape is much bigger on my ear and one of the backings kept falling off, but otherwise great. They are the only earrings I've been able to put in without having a reaction after not wearing earrings for so long.

Best Earrings!

Love my earrings. No itching or reaction.

Love these!

I have really sensitive ears, if I wear the wrong type of metal for more than a day or so my ears swell and get itchy/painful. These earrings were great and I've been wearing them for a couple weeks now! Unfortunately I already lost one of the pair so I ordered a new one! I really love these for my sensitive ears!

Love them!

I love these unique earrings! I had to start out with a pair of studs and keep them in for a few weeks for my piercings to heal. These hoops are so cute and feel very well made. I cannot tolerate any other earrings but these give me no fuss! So happy to finally wear earrings again!


Literally the only earrings that didn't make my ears so angry.


Seriously the most perfect little earrings, EVER! I was never able to use cute earrings because my ears were always in pain. But these are so cute and there is no pain whatsoever. Can’t wait to purchase my second pair!

Larger than pictured

I initially bought these earrings back in Spring of 2020 and they were the perfect everyday earring, I loved them. I lost one and have repurchased, but the new version is about double the size of the original earring (and much larger than the earring pictured on the website). Will the smaller version ever return?

My daughter loves them!

I had my daughter’s ears pierced by a body piercer, not in a mall store. The studs she has are surgical grade titanium and she healed quickly and easily. She’s been asking for hearts and she loves gold. This was a WINNER! I bought extra snug silicone backings to be sure they wouldn’t fall out. She is only 7 yrs old. She’s been wearing them ever since they arrived, they feel great and she loves them. I’ll definitely buy her more.

Work But Too Long

They work great, no irritation, and they look really nice. But the posts are WAY too long. I definitely can't sleep in them (main reason I purchased them) but I'm afraid to do anything near my ears because I keep getting stabbed with the posts.

Best earrings ever

I can’t even remember how long it has been since I have been able to wear earrings comfortably. I now can wear these all day, every day if I want. And I have found that since I have been wearing these so much, other earrings that used to irritate my ears don’t seem to be uncomfortable. What a treat! Thank you so much, Tini Lux!

Great for sensitive ears

-Love the hexagonal shape
-Great for my sensitive ears. I’m able to wear them all the time without my lobes getting inflamed
-The hinges are very discrete from the side

-I would have preferred them to be more matte. They have a very high-shine finish.


I have not been able to wear earrings for years!! My ears would swell up and get sore within minutes. These are tiny miracles. While they did get a little irritated later in the day, it wasn't from the earrings, but from the "open wound". As suggested, I soaked a little brine and they felt a lot better! I've been wearing them for about a week now with no issues. I plan on wearing them for a couple of months (as suggested) to let the earlobe heal before moving onto the bigger earrings. I am just so excited to be able to wear earrings again. Thank you!!!!


I want to return but their return policy is so short. Got around to trying them just 2 days after my deadline. They’re cute, but too big for my ears. Don’t want them.

Not irritating-as advertised!

I'm VERY sensitive. In the past, the only earring I could wear was purchased in Denmark, where they have laws against certain materials in jewelry.
And even then, It was a hit or miss and many times I ended up hurting after an hour.
I bought two of these to use with pre-purchased earrings and they do the job! Nothing was irritating or hurting at the end of a 5-hour video shoot.

I wish you could make them in other models to pair with pre-purchased designs (stems with a loop, kidney shape...)

A little shoddy

The earrings are pretty, neutral, and not too heavy. Perfect for everyday, and noticed a reduction in my reactions. I’ve had sensitive piercings since I had them done at 8, so I’m happy. After about a week of wearing them the hinge of one is wonky and won’t clasp correctly. I’ll continue to wear them until they fall apart because they’re attractive but I think earrings at this price point should be sturdier.

Great earrings

Don’t irritate me at all and soooo cute

Mystery Bundle
Fun to get a surprise when you love Tini Lux items are meh.

Ordered the mystery box for myself as a birthday present. Have to my husband and kids to wrap. It was awesome to be surprised.

The box was opened and retaped which was odd. There were still five items. I didn’t expect the fifth to be a hat. I was understanding they would all be jewelry. I’m not a hat or logo wear person.

I like the large hoops and studs both push me out of my comfort zone. One hoop stud portion was bent but it still works. Might have been a return or something? Just not sure. I like the ear cuffs. All in all, meh. I paid $50 for hoops I’ll wear once in a while.

Product YES, shipping not really

So far I’ve only test run my hoops for one day, wore them for about 9hrs straight and my ears were not irritated at all! I am so surprised because any other earrings my ears would at least be read and slightly itchy by hour 4. I am looking forward to buying other styles. One Down side is the shipping. The first round of shipping, my product got lost. I waited a month before reaching out to customer, but once I did they were really helpful, understanding, and quick to resolve the issue. I am definitely getting more earrings from here <3 thanks for making earrings possible for me again *_*

Earring is really pretty and looks fantastic but can't wear for prolonged time due to irritation

It is really pretty, but not for everyday use. If worn for a long time (for me about half a day) my ear starts to get irritation.

Great Earrings!

These earrings are so cute and comfortable! Customer service is excellent too! I will be ordering more styles!

Still in shock

Wow these are wonderful! I haven’t been able to wear earrings since I was 12 because of how sensitive my ears are, they react to everything. These are the first earrings in a long time that I am able to wear and I’m so happy I found them!

Mystery Bundle

Went for the mystery deal because the price point was so affordable. Legit LOVE everything. Made me step out of my comfort zone with a few pieces I wouldn't necessarily have picked out for myself, but I love them. Three earring sets and one bracelet in the bundle - SUCH a steal. I will never need to look anywhere else for jewelry!!

Mystery Bundle
The Best Surprise!

I didn’t know what to expect from the mystery box... I thought I’d get stellar products at the least but it was like they put a PERFECT set together! Can’t wait until this is available again.