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I never review but...y’all this gave me back some of my love for getting accessorized! I can finally wear earrings again!!! Thank you!

🥰🥰🥰 I can't remember when I've been able to leave earrings in for days on end - couple decades I think. These earring are so comfortable that I forget I'm wearing them. Plus I love the look of these earrings (silver bar studs).

Earings are gorgeous, but the backs are flimsy

I love the earrings. I have a pretty severe metal allergy, but I've had no reaction to these. The lightning bolts are a perfect size. My only complaint is that the backs are really flimsy. I've had them for less than two weeks and one of the backs already fell off unbeknownst and I almost lost the earring. (Luckily I found it in a couch cushion.) I wish the backs were sturdier or a different design, but it's a minor thing overall.

Bigger than pictured

Comfortable and haven’t given me any issues for my ears that are very sensitive. 2 issues are they are bigger than pictured- was looking for a smaller hoop. Still like it but not as small as on the model. Also, the part that goes into your ear is pretty long, so while wearing during the day isn’t an issue, sleeping on your side at night with them on is noticeable. I was looking for a smaller earring that I could wear without taking on and off every day.

Pretty but difficult to close

Pretty gold earrings but similar to other reviews, the backing just won’t click into place when I put these on. I’ll give it a few more days of use but if I’m unable to close them then it will need to be returned unfortunately. $65 for earrings that won’t close is tough to keep


Have really sensitive ears so its been difficult to find earrings. I find hoops irritate my ears even less than studs so I love these. They are pretty but not heavy. Definitely recommend.

Love them

Every pair of earrings make my ears bright red and itchy....except these. I was able to sleep in them. They’re great for everyday wear. Definitely recommend.

Finally earrings I can wear!!!!

My ears have gotten more sensitive over the years and I couldn’t wear “sterling silver for sensitive ears” earrings for more than an hour before my ears would get red, swollen, and be tender. I wore my tinilux for a full day for several days and I’ve had no reaction! I’m so happy I discovered tinilux, I can’t wait to get more!!


I love them, they look perfect!
Just What I was looking for, and an Excellent price.

Thank you! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Never received them!

Never received the earrings. Poor shipping performance and absolutely no oversight. Money wasted!

Love these

I have the pyramid charms that I wear with the 18mm huggies. They add a really fun element to the earrings. I'd love to see the pave disks for the 18mm size.

So cute

I love these earrings! I love the statement earring trend but it's hard to find ones that I can wear without irritating my piercings. These are perfect. They remind me of 60s earrings in the best way.

Beautiful earrings, happy ears

These are perfect. I'd give 6 stars if I could. I've worn these almost daily since October and wanted to wait before I wrote a review to make sure my piercings didn't react. So far, so good! I have had trouble with every kind of earring except titanium but it's hard to find cute titanium earrings, especially hoops. I like the petite size and how secure they feel. I now have 2 different pairs of charms which make them extra versatile and fun. Definitely recommend giving these a try if you're like me and your piercings are incredibly fussy.

Just perfect!

I love how these look and I LOVE the convenient clasp, but most important is that they are not causing any skin reactions. I have been wearing them around the clock (i.e., even to bed). Thanks!

Love love

I absolutely love these earrings! They’re so cute and functional. HOWEVER, they constantly get caught on my mask when I take it on and off 😭 I wish the hoops that creat a full circle came in a bigger circumference. I don’t currently wear them much because of this.


Popped them in and zero pain, zero redness, zero itchiness. The hearts are a bit bigger than I imagined, but probably true to the measurements provided. I’m very happy.

For the First Time In Forever!!!

I can wear earrings again!!!! I can’t remember the last time I have had earrings in my ears. Once in a while I will try some (and I’ve tried them all) but my ears are red and on fire as soon as I put them in. With my new tini lux earrings, however, I don’t feel anything. It’s like they aren’t even there. I am so excited to start adding to my earring wardrobe!!!


After getting my second earlobe pierced it would not heal. I used different type of earrings/cleaning and nothing was helping. I also kept having allergic reactions, making them swollen. They kept getting itchy and red. I almost decided to let them close and forget about it. Until I found Tinilux that all changed. I was a little indecisive because of the price, but NO, honestly best choice I’ve made!!! I’ve had these earring for a month now, and OMG!! My ears have never felt better. My piercing is definitely healing!!! I can sleep in them so comfortably. I do wish the silver was a little more shiny and it is smaller then I expected. Besides that I love and will be purchasing more. It would be amazing if you made some for Daith piercings!!! This one is taking forever to heal and I feel that this type of earrings would be amazing especially for comfort.

Tri dot rose gold earrings

I am very happy with my tri dot rose gold earrings. They are pretty and are made well and go with everything. I have sensitive ears and cannot wear earrings without having pain. I thought I’d give these a try. The first couple of days my ear did hurt because I haven’t wore earrings in years. The pain went away after a week. I liked them so much I bought another pair yesterday.


I have finally found some awesome chic earrings that don’t hurt my ears! Recently found out that my ears are allergic to costume jewelry metals. I almost gave up wearing earring but decided to give Tinilux a try! Due to a google search of “earrings for sensitive ears”I’m so glad I tryed it! I have been wearing these earrings nonstop since purchasing them and haven’t had a problem with them yet! I love them! If you too have a allergic reaction to earrings please give these a try! They are great and affordable! I plan on purchasing another pair soon!

Cute earrings but not for sensitive ears

I loved the look of these earrings and purchased specifically because I have very sensitive ears. I've struggled to find earrings that don't make my ears react badly. I wore these for less than 1 day and had to take them out because they caused such a bad reaction for me. I'm sure these work for others, but unfortunately I won't be able to wear these in the future. I wish I could still return them, but I was overconfident that these would work for me and threw away the packaging.

Fantastic earrings

I love these earrings! I have gauged plugs in my first holes, then two more holes past that. The plugs I wear are flat fronted gold, and these go so beautifully with them. I have severe metal sensitivity and am looking forward to no irritation. There was an issue in shipping, but the company was very responsive and rectified it immediately. A nice company to purchase from!


Absolutely love these statement earrings. Wore them out on my birthday and they looked soo cute. I like how they’re unique. Never thought I would be able to wear earrings like this again! So thankful for Tinilux.

They work!!

I have struggled for years with my ears being super sensitive to metals. It really got worse after having kids. I have even stopped wearing my 18 karat gold diamond earrings for more than a couple hours at a time. I really did not think these would work but I have had them in for a week, no itching, no redness, nothing! I can't believe it! I am hopeful that a few weeks in these will finally heal my ears and I will try my 18 karat gold again.

So glad I found these earrings!

I developed a metal allergy out of nowhere. I have always been able to wear any earrings I wanted to my entire life and then nothing. I decided to try these earrings based on the review s but was still skeptical. They are amazing! I haven’t taken them off since the day I received them. Best of all I’ve had no sensitivity! Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful product. Highly recommend!