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I can wear earrings again!

So thrilled to finally find earrings I can wear again without my ears reacting. Thank you Tini Lux!!!!

Main Sail Huggies
Katherine Lan

These are the perfect size for my second lobes! Only taking off one star because one of the earrings is a little hard to close. Other than that, the color is nice and they are very lightweight. They do not irritate my very sensitive ears at all.

City Hoops
Post was slightly defective

One post didn’t fit in the backing and I had to bend to adjust. Should be better quality control to not ship product with obvious defect. With the pricing I would expect better.

I can’t believe they don’t hurt my ears!

Honestly- I thought I could never wear earrings. These truly are incredible. The hoops look exactly as pictured and are quite light, my lobes aren’t sore after wearing them.

Cute and comfortable

I love them. More exciting than your average stud so these are a nice in between when I’m not feeling bigger earrings. I thought they might feel a little stabby with that long point but I slept in them one night and didn’t notice them being uncomfortable. Like all earrings from this site the material is great and doesn’t hurt my sensitive ears. They were on sale too so lucky me.

Perfect Sized Hoops

These are super cute, elegant, dainty and everything you would look for in a hoop earring! I wear this everyday and the material is top notch quality. I've received so many good compliments when I wear this, would def recommend! :)

Priya Studs
Catherine Reed
Excellent customer service

I really appreciate Tini Lux's customer service- my package got lost (through no fault of Tini Lux), and they did a great job making sure my order got to me. Refreshing and helpful customer support!

Initiative: Eau
Saydee Cliff
Just one hoop

The hoop is very nice quality and looks very nice but it’s quite misleading in the fact that you only get one hoop. You just automatically assume you’re getting a pair when you’re buying earrings at almost $60 a piece. Unfortunately going to have to return.

Mini Main Sail Huggie
Tiler Bates
First TRUE Hypoallergenic Earrings

I've never been able to wear earrings without my ears swelling, peeling, and bleeding. I've had these in non-stop for over 2 weeks with NO REACTION at all. Plus they're absolutely gorgeous. I'm so thrilled and can't wait to buy my next set.

Mini Main Sail Huggie
Kelly Scilingo

Hoops don’t close

Lovely earrings

Needed a new staple pair of hoops and these are it! Not too big or small and pairs well with any other jewelry. Highly recommend!

Pave Astrid Stud
Stephanie S.
Beautiful and comfortable

I love earrings and wore them for years before developing an allergic reaction. I tried various metals and even so-called hypoallergenic earrings would cause itching, swelling, pain, and redness within minutes.
I had given up on ever being able to wear earrings again, and then I saw an ad for Tini Lux. I’ve been wearing my new earrings nonstop since they were delivered and can’t wait to purchase more!!

I can wear earrings again!

I am so impressed with these earrings. I nearly gave up hope that I’d be able to wear earrings again. My ears have progressively gotten more irritated, itchy and yucky after wearing all sorts of other metal earrings. These have not done any of that and I’m so thrilled!


You guys are truly THE BEST!!! I’ve never been able to wear earrings before coming across Tini Lux - a life changer <3 Not to mention their sweet vibe & epic packaging. So grateful for this company!

No Pain and Great for Everyday

I love these earrings! I stopped being able to wear earrings without pain after pregnancy. I put these in and have not taken them out, I love them so much. The opals match any clothes and are dressy but also look good dressed down.

Kenza Studs
Serim Park

Kenza Studs

Love them!

My daughter has been wearing these non-stop without any issues!🙌 she loves them!

Great for Sensitive Ears

Lightweight beautiful hoops. I have extremely sensitive ears and I’m so happy I can wear big hoops now! Love these.

Livie Studs
Chelsea Bateman

I developed an auto immune disease some years ago and have been struggling with earrings since. I have double holes and love the look of earrings, so it was tough to accept that I couldn't wear them anymore. After wasting hundreds of dollars and trying every other metal out there, I got an ad for these guys, thought they were totally my style, and decided to give it one last try...

THEY WORK! No more rushing to take my earrings out as soon as I get home from work because my ears are burning (sometimes bleeding). I've had 2 sets of Tini studs in for weeks now with 0 irritation and stress. It's not something I have to think about anymore - they are so lightweight that I forget I even have them in and can just live my life.

I thought my days of wearing pretty & delicate earrings were over at only 30. So thankful to this brand for showing me I was wrong.

Pearl Island Hoops
Olivia Cool

These hoops are perfect for a dainty chic look. I’m so excited to wear them in the winter with some cozy accessories.

Margot Studs
Love love love!

So unique and they don't irritate my ears. Perfect shape for Zoom meetings.

City Hoops
Natalie Gutiérrez
City hoops

Absolutely love these. They were so easy to put on. I will say that they are a bit heavier than I thought but besides that they are so elegant and stunning . Spices up any outfit!!! Must get.

Priya Studs
Not irritating!!

Perfect set for sensitive ears. They look so good on my daughter and are the only brand that hasn’t irritated her ears.

Astrid Studs
Kelly Scilingo
Mini hoops

Both sets are hard to keep closed.
Great quality.

Offshore Huggies

the earrings were super cute but after a couple of days the gem fell out and i was not able to put it back in. for the price and the supposed quality it was upsetting to have that happen. but i was able to send an email to customer service and they were able to send another pair free of charge so that part was good at least.