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Lovely earrings, backs suck

The studs are simple, yet attractive. I feel like I can wear them with a T-shirt or a dress and they would still look nice. My only real complaint is one I had when I bought my first pair 2yrs ago. The backs are horrible!!! They are loose and run the risk of coming off if you catch something on your earrings (like a shirt when changing clothes). I lost one prior eating because of this and have nearly lost one of these in the 2weeks I’ve had them. As expensive as they are I feel this is an issue that needs fixed.

Mini Isla Studs
Susan Brodak
Earrings great, ears not so much

I love my new earrings from Tini Lux. They are really cute and they fit securely. Unfortunately my ears are still sensitive to the metal and I’m unable to wear them for very long. I really wished these earrings were my answer.

Small City Hoops
isabella haberman
Small City Hoops

Absolutely love these earring they are super light and don’t agitate my ears. I have crazy sensitive ears that get infected with any earring except these because of the titanium. The earring are so stylish and I can’t wait to buy more earrings from Tinilux

Olivia Studs
Jenna Angell

Olivia Studs

Celeste Studs
Simran Gill
Love my Celeste Studs!

I have struggled with nickel allergies for quite some time and always loved wearing studs, but would always have a reaction even if they were gold! Happy to have found these titanium earrings and this company. The celeste studs are perfection.

September Studs
Alexis Henderson
Amazing for sensitive ears

I love these earrings so much. No other earrings would love up to what they say, but these do.

Rooftop Hoops
Karen Cantwell
Finally I Can Wear Earrings Again!

My ears had become so sensitive I could not even wear 14k gold earrings without suffering itching and pain. I decided to invest in a pair of Tini Lux and could not BELIEVE how comfortable they are! I can even sleep in them. I was so thrilled, I bought two more pair and will definitely be purchasing more in the future.

Isla Studs
Vanessa Castle
Only earrings I can wear

I used to wear earrings every day and then I had kids and stopped and tried ti wear them again and all my earrings hurt my ears within like 5 minutes of wearing. I waited a long time to order my Tini Lux earrings but they are so worth it and I already want another pair. These are the only earrings I can wear without pain and I love them and am so happy to have found them!

May Studs
Greg Granillo

Got them as a gift for my wife and she loves them!

Sleek & comfortable

obsessed with these sleek, minimal earrings. Wore them to a wedding and got so many compliments

Layla Studs
Julie P.
Great looking earrings, but not hypoallergenic enough for me!

The earrings are very pretty, and they look great on. Unfortunately, I seem to be allergic to titanium, as my ears began itching just minutes after putting them on. After a day of wearing them, my ears were red and the holes were oozing. I'm lazy, instead of retuning them I gave them to my daughters. She loves them!

City Hoops
I feel glamorous

I haven’t been able to wear earrings almost my entire life and these look amazing and feel amazing. A little heavy at first because I’m used to not wearing anything but with continued wear I got used to it.

Gorgeous, high quality earrings

I love these hoops! I got my ears pierced for the first time just a couple months ago and discovered my ears are a bit sensitive. I didn't think I'd be able to find cute options that didn't bother my ears, but these earrings proved me wrong. They are so well-made and beautiful, and they don't cause me any pain thanks to the titanium. Anytime I wear them I feel classy.

Beautiful and functional

Funny enough, I dropped my first Pave Astrid stud down the sink, before I even got to try it on! What a sad day. I loved the design so much, though, I purchased a second pair.
Having recently pierced my earlobes for the first time, my ears are still sensitive and are prone to irritation and infection. However, I’m able to wear these studs 24/7. The titanium posts are also durable for cleaning with ethanol to prevent infection.
As a side note, I also frequently perform MRI scans as a researcher, so not needing to worry about my jewelry while I am working is a major plus. In all, I highly recommend this and the other Tini lux earrings I’ve purchased!

Rooftop Hoops
Jessica Hartle

These ear rings haven’t heart my ears one bit! Usually new ear rings hurt so bad for a few days. I’ve wore them since I put them in, I thought they’d be too big to sleep in but I definitely have. Love them! I paired with the isla opal studs and they are adorable together!

Lea Studs
Susan Himes
Perfect for highly sensitive ears!

My daughter has really struggled to find earrings that don’t bother her ears. She has tried many others and these feel wonderful! So thankful ~

Long Weekend Hoops
Bonnie Parson

I'm really disappointed in these earrings. They're so cute and the only earrings I've found in years that don't irritate my extremely sensitive lobes, but the assembly is extremely poor quality. The post snapped off of one of the hoops the first time I wore them. The company replaced them which I was grateful for, but the post snapped off again only a few months later. I'd expect higher quality for the price.

Roadtrip Hoops
Annie Dodt
Sooo cute but not secure

I love love love these earrings! They are so cute and comfortable. I have terribly sensitive ears and these never caused any issues. The problem with these earrings is the back is not secure. I noticed sometimes the back would come completely off and the chain would just be dangling until one day I lost the earring because of this. So bummed and super disappointing considering the price.

Love my opal studs!

My daughter and I recently got out third hole done in our ears. I was afraid of getting irritated from earrings, but these are working out great! No irritation for me or my daughter. We are both highly sensitive to metals!😁

Livie Studs
No pain

I had been looking for a while for some titanium earrings, as everything else causes an allergic reaction. So happy with my purchase! No redness, itching, or swelling!

Livie Opal Studs
Michael Enfield
I love it but the backs aren’t great

Great product, but my girlfriend has lost 3 different earring backs to her eaarings. She has to mix and match with what she has now, and uses an entirely different back because they fall out so easily. She’s pretty sad, she just got them for Christmas and it hasn’t even been a month.

considering a purchase

Please tell us the size of the braided necklace & bracelet !!

Rooftop Hoops
Ruth Ziv
Great product!

I ordered the rooftop earrings and I am so happy with them! For years, I've only been able to wear platinum earrings -- which are rather pricey! -- due to my hyper sensitivity to all other metals, but my only pair recently broke. The Tiny Lux earrings were a very decent price and are a perfect alternative, and I have not taken them out since I got them. Thank you Tiny Lux :-)

Gem fell out on 2nd wear

I wish I could write a great review because I was really excited about these, but unfortunately I can’t. The gem fell out of one of the studs the second time I wore them. I am super disappointed considering these cost me $55! :(

Mini Layla Studs
Karen Green
The search is over!

Took a chance and bought 4 pair at one time.. my ears have never been happier! Ecstatic because I have never been able to wear gold and now I can :’) Thanks, Tini Lux!