The sun is shining, birds are singing, and your dating apps are blowing up with Spring 2021's hottest new pickup line: "I'm fully vaccinated!"
Now the age-old questions from a bygone time returns to echo in the back of your mind... "but what are we going to do... and what should I wear?"
It was hard enough to think of fun date ideas before we had restaurant capacity restrictions and pandemic regulations. Now we have to come up with pandemic date ideas!? I missed that rom-com! But there's actually a silver lining to this; the great outdoors.
Outdoor dates can be a really fun and comfortable environment to get to know someone, or to have fun with your special someone. They also allow for more creativity with your outfits. Here are a few of our suggestions for cute, romantic outdoor date ideas and the outfits and outdoor jewelry to wear for them.

1. Picnic

We had to say it. A picnic is crème de la crème of spring date ideas, and for good reason. The dress code is whatever you want it to be, you can bring your favorite food (and wine), there's usually people-watching to be had, and you get to soak up some vitamin D! We recommend summery earrings like the 25 MM Round Hoops or the Diamond Chain Statement Earrings.
There's just something about picnic outfits!
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2. Baseball Game

Or any outdoor sporting event! This is a good date for those of you who like to have something to pay attention to just in case conversation slows down. This is also a good opportunity to show off your sporty outfits! For spring accessories to include, we recommend keeping it simple with Huggie Hoops or Lightning Bolt Studs.
Kate Upton crushed the baseball outfits game
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3. Farmer's Market

Queue yourself (or your date) up to buy some homegrown flowers! Or vegetables, if you're into that. Farmers markets are like a treasure trove of delicious food and interesting vendors. You could even go here and then have a picnic with your findings. Wear comfortable shoes to walk around in and some hypoallergenic statement earrings for eclectic flair.
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4. Drive-In Movie

You're probably already "of age," but a Drive-In Movie is your chance to live your glorious indie coming-of-age movie dreams to their fullest! Bring your favorite candy and snacks and hang out with your date in the comfort of your own car. We recommend earrings with charms to really bring out the whimsical quality of a drive-in movie.
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5. Have an Outdoor Fire

Sitting around a fire is surprisingly entertaining. It makes for a cozy, relaxing evening where you can listen to music, eat, drink, and see if any SPARKS fly! We recommend a cozy outfit paired with any hypoallergenic earrings to add some dazzle to your fit. S'mores are also recommended!
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